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Where did I go wrong…

Mon ,16/06/2008

Brrr…. Goddam Skinbag tossed me out in the cold like some sort of stuffed toy this morning. Good thing SOMEONE cares about my welfare, checks on my food bowl and let’s me in…although perhaps a couple of hot water bottles in the Skinbag’s bed wouldn’t go astray. I’ll have to work on that one!

Anyway Skinbag is MIA now, and I’ve no entertainment now for the night! That’s one whack of the paw for him when he eventually shows!

I’ll show him MIA…

Thu ,12/06/2008

I’m beginning to wonder if Skinbag’s got another Pussy on the side…Bastard’s just never fucking home anymore! But guilt factor did score me another tin of the expensive food tonight! 🙂

Skinbag = 0 vs Furbag 1…Game, Set, MATCH!

Skinbag’s arse is saved…just barely!

Fri ,06/06/2008

Goddam skinbag!

I spent 13 furfricking freezing hours out in the yard last bloody night thanks to a negligent skinbag. NOT A HAPPY PUSSY!! So his pathetic excuses have run thin.

Left this blog down for months, all on the excuse of can’t be bothered getting the www & blogs up. Well this morning after beating the crap out of him for the above crime, I biffed him about the head until he reconfigured Furbag’s Bane to be working again.

Once upon a time it was just being left out for a few hours…but now it’s a matter of Skinbag being gone for days now…supposedly excused by a new job!

Argh!!! Damn skinbags!

Anyway, he’s capitulated and now the blog’s back. So more abuse will be forthcoming just as soon as I calm down enough to be less likely to kill him.