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Archive for February, 2007

Out with the old!

Mon ,12/02/2007

Apparently the Skinbag has been industrious and moved my blog onto the new box. *heh* Guess he must have noticed me eying the lounge suite when he said to me “I’ll get to it soon…”. 🙂

Anyway I’ve a new server to blog on, and I noticed he’s been out and put a dozen cans in THE cupboard! Better him than me having to screw around with mysql databases…but that’s what a Skinbag is for, isn’t it?

A Bird in the Paw…BEATS ONE UP THE ARSE!

Mon ,05/02/2007

Skinbag IS seriously going to regret this…

I suspect he thought I don’t check the recycling.

If he thinks he can…meow, reow pssffft RANT! etc…