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From Feline to Marsupial

Thu ,21/07/2005

I don’t believe it! He’s done it to me again AND he’s left for work early! By the time the Skin-bag gets home, I’ll be looking more like an albino Echidna and probably walk like one too. His days are numbered.

Popsicles for Paws…

Mon ,18/07/2005

When my tail finally stops feeling like a putter, I’ll make sure the Skin-bag pays dearly for leaving me out all bloody night again and not getting home until 8 or so. The fact that I looked like some sort of feline version of Andy Warhol has left my reputation in the neighbourhood in tatters.

Skin-bag shall pay.

Death becomes him…

Sat ,16/07/2005

He’s done it to me again. Here I was toasting my self by the heater again, and that bastard just came in, turned it off, and said going to work see you in the morning. Apparently because I have a fur coat I don’t need a heater on while he’s out!

NOT ONLY THAT, he’s left the door to the bathroom shut and I can’t even snack!!!

I’ve shredded the couch, but there’s little satisfaction in that, so I am going to go into the study and cause some chaos. Besides, it’s warmer in there if I push the door shut. 🙂

Furbag 1 – Skinbag LOSER!

Wed ,13/07/2005

I got my Egg-Nog and it was a walk-in!


Wed ,13/07/2005

Today I got yoghurt. Damn I forgot how good it tastes. Not I might add from the Skinbag, but from a visitor. He should have more visitors. They always fall for my “I’m so cute and cuddly.” He hasn’t given me yoghurt or cream for ages.

He hasn’t been too bad last few days, although this not coming home and leaving me out in the cold is GOING TO STOP. I think I shall con him out of an Egg-nog today, hehe he’ll lose!

Skinbag likely to be skinless soon…

Mon ,11/07/2005

Can’t believe the bastard left me locked out tonight! My paws are freezing ‘cos I had to walk all the way to an internet cafe, to post this… grrr.

Where theres smoke…

Sun ,10/07/2005

*heh* stupid bugger burnt the toast this morning, and I didn’t even have to try hard to make him do that. Just hid behind the Bin in study and ripped into it from the back.

Foiled…for the moment

Sat ,09/07/2005

Well my plan for revenge was somewhat short-lived, the skinbag lulled me into a false sense of security with the heater last night. Unfortunately when I was about to start putting my revenge into action at 3am, he collared me and threw me in the dog-box! His transgressions grow in number. But I continue to plot.

Friday night…

Fri ,08/07/2005

I’ll be making sure he hears about it at 05:00 tomorrow. Yesterday’s sins have much to be accounted for by him.


Fri ,08/07/2005

I pushed the Bear off the monitor…

*splat* ROFL.