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Archive for January, 2007

Note to Skinbag…

Tue ,23/01/2007

*sharpens claws & eyes lounge* … A certain Skinbag best get to the supermarket, THE cupboard (the only one that matters) has only ONE (1) tin left in it…

Puff the magic Furbag!

Sat ,20/01/2007

Damn high humidity weather makes a cat’s fur all weird, and these goddam attacks of static electricity are making me confuse myself with a blowfish! Damn rosella’s in the back yard are keeling over with laughter everytime I go “puff” outside.

Still gives me extra kilometreage when ripping into either the skinbag or his evening visitors. It’s a good chance to torture the suckers and know they will have trouble getting back to sleep. And, the skinbag can’t throw me in the “slot” at the moment, because his car’s at Jimbo’s the mechanic.

Old Fashioned Service…

Mon ,01/01/2007

It’s taken me a while, but I’m finally beating Skinbag into submission.

He’s finally worked out that I’m no ordinary street moggie happy to drink out of a bowl in with that bloody noisy washing machine. I’m class! It’s taken a few years of modelling, but finally he’s cottoned on. The other week he finally got the hint that I like to drink out of a glass like any other self respecting owner. I now have him getting me glasses of water instead of that damn crappy plastic bowl! Furbag rules!!! 🙂

Oh and after his last little spending spree, I’d better not see that cupboard run out!!!