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Archive for September, 2005

Argh@! Grrr…

Wed ,28/09/2005

Goddam Skinbag left for work without feeding me, and just a few star stones left in the bowl.

These early evening shifts of his suck. So, I can see chess pieces everywhere, paper from arsehole to breakfast, and CD’s scattered like autumn leaves! And if I haven’t cooled down enough after that, I’ll trip him up when he comes in the door, and spring upon his back. Oh & btw, the Buddha’s accidently fell off the monitor, I really don’t know how…

Truce…at least temporarily…

Sun ,25/09/2005

I was easy on the poor bugger last night, he was shagged!

A Revenge is a dish that’s undoubtedly best served long cold…

Sat ,24/09/2005

Ahhhh did I fix the Skinbag or what! I gave him and his Gypsy hell last night. Up & Down since 01:50. He never really had a chance, I knew he was working today and I was going to make sure he knew I hadn’t forgiven him his transgressions recently. I’ve waited some time for this, and I did so enjoy making him suffer. Admittedly it’s unfortunate for his offsider last night, but well casualties of war so to speak. I will have to give him an easy night tonight, or the poor dear might decided to retaliate. I did end up in the slot for a while last night, not sure I wan’t that again for while.

To Porn or not to Porn that is the question…

Mon ,19/09/2005

Well Skinbag’s present has arrived. I’m giving it to him via a rather circular route (excuse the pun)…


Mon ,19/09/2005

Can you believe the cretin (aka Skinbag) lost his letterbox! Now how the hell is the postman supposed to leave his birthday present from the US!! *Sheesh*

Comforts of home…

Sun ,18/09/2005

There’s nothing nicer for a cold belly than a running switch or router…EXCEPT A BLOODY HEATER Skinbag!!

While the Cook’s away…

Sat ,17/09/2005

*heh* stupid Skin-bag should have listened to me: he had to throw the pot away and then go buy more meat for his goddam pie!

Of Boots & Egg Nogs…

Thu ,15/09/2005

I should let the Skinbag look at boots more often: two more Egg Nogs today. That’s well worth shaking a mouse at!

Sometimes we just have to kick ’em in the arse!

Thu ,15/09/2005

Apparently the Skinbag has changed his role at work. Now it means (according to him) that I’ll have to get used to some whole new feeding regime. Pfft I’ll shred something serious before I let him tell me when I am getting fed or not. I gather it will mean more of that plastic stuff going into his little plastic card thingy, which means I can finally get the skinbag to buy better food, and more of it, and a few creature comforts.

I have presented him with the following list:

  • Better food (I’d say more eggs & chicken at the least)
  • A nice cushion for infront of the heater
  • An electrically warmed cushion for on the desk in the study
  • A remote controlled Furbag Door
  • A laptop so I can use the internet on the kitchen table
  • Some other skinbag(s) that can stay in the bed to warm my paws while he’s out in the slave pit paying for all of the above.

Now that’s service…

Fri ,09/09/2005

I noticed this morning that the Skinbag’s present has shipped. *heh* I couldn’t resist walking over his head and then over to the window to hack a few claws to wake him up to tell him. Then I made him give me food – he’s so my bitch!