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Archive for May, 2006

Hi Tech vs Low Tech…

Mon ,22/05/2006

It’s amazing how in these days of Hi Tech, a simple toy mouse jammed behind the door can upset the Skinbag so easily. So what if he had to come in the back door with a few bags! LOL. He’s just lucky I didn’t decide to leave a few recycled furballs for him on the floor in the Kitchen for him to step on as he came through.

Now about those Tins in the Cupboard…*taps left rear paw*

It’s GOOD to be the Furbag of the House…

Fri ,19/05/2006

Nothing like showing Skinbag’s friends just how little control he really has around the place: everyone knows what I mean.


Anyway let’s see what else I can shred into hamburger mince while he’s working instead of being here for my amusement.

WARNING: the count of tins in a certain cupboard is WELL below the minimum. There will be a change here…SOON.

Misplaced funds…

Thu ,11/05/2006

I want to know why Skinbag has a new PC, just to play a game (admittedly a good looking game, but a game just the same), AND I HAVE 3 F**KING TINS OF FOOD LEFT IN THE CUPBOARD!

There is death looming in the air…